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We are a fast growth district

Our community is bursting at the seams, which means that our school board must plan well to avoid overcrowding and give kids the educational environment they deserve. But our current efforts are falling short.

At the last school board meeting, trustees approved 2 portables for Sycamore Springs middle school. This is frustrating.

Student enrollment projections have long shown the need to add capacity for classrooms and labs at SSMS year-after-year. In 2017, we had a good idea what we were going to look like in 2022 and we missed the mark. The worse part of this oversight is middle school students are actually attending class in the adjacent elementary school. It should have never come to this. Our kids and our teachers need our local elected leaders to do a better job planning.

There'll be an opportunity to improve soon. If you have been following the Long Range Facility Planning committee, you know it's possible that the DSISD board will call for a bond election later this year. We need to make sure that bond package is built to meet needs and growth, not filled with fluff and frills.

Making sure that our kids have ample room to learn and grow should be our #1 priority. We should not be content with overcrowding and the issues that come along with it.

Improving DSISD's long-term vision is one of the main reasons that I'm running. I have a strong background of planning, construction, and knowledge of how the system works that I believe will be very helpful. This is too important to not get it right!

LRFPC - December 16th Meeting slides -

Portable agenda item - January 31 -

2017 projections prior to the 2018 bond -

Bond Steering Committee Recommendation - 2014 -

Ways you can help: • Donate today -! • Host an event in your neighborhood, I love meeting our neighbors! • Like and share my page and posts!

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