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May 2022 School Board Election

After much prayer and a lot of encouragement from some of our neighbors, I'm excited to announce that I'm once again running to serve on the Dripping Springs school board! School board election is in May!

With everything going on in public schools today, it's critical that we add another strong, experienced voice to the DSISD board who's willing to fight for parents and teachers and protect our kids. We cannot accept business as usual!

As someone who cherishes faith, family, and freedom, I promise to be your fierce advocate:

• FOR empowering parents with the right to decide on masks and vaccines • FOR exceptional education with high-quality teachers. • FOR lower taxes and responsible budgeting. • FOR better communication between the school board and parents. • AGAINST Critical Race Theory in the classroom • AGAINST pornography in schoolbooks.

Together, we will give parents, students, and teachers the educational environment they deserve and keep radical politics out of the classroom. I hope you'll join me in the fight!

Ways you can help:

• Donate today - • Host an event in your neighborhood, I love meeting our neighbors! • Like and share my page and posts!

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